A 12-Week Online Course

It is my belief that our emotional wounds and inner child wounds attract toxic relationship cycles UNTIL they are healed. Each module will be released each week with video lessons, worksheets and writing assignments.

This course also includes guided meditations, inner child work and emotional freedom techniques. By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have a whole new understanding of yourself and your relationships along with a new tool kit to use for life! Those patterns you can’t seem to break out of will no longer be your prison, but your gateway for transformation and emotional, physical, spiritual upgrades.

This course is for anyone who craves emotional intelligence. We weren’t taught this stuff in school and it is my honor and purpose to share with you what has completely TRANSFORMED my life, relationships and allowed me to live a life I am incredibly proud of. You may find yourself in a relationship pattern that seems to never end. You can’t keep yourself and feel connected to them at the same time. There may be push/pull dynamics or narcissistic abuse. Underneath all relationship dynamics whether it is with a parent, friend, partner or boss lies unresolved “emotional” issues that need to be addressed.

When we heal back to wholeness we stop attracting lessons and start aligning with grace and ease.

What Past Students Have Shared…

This course has helped me develop a language for inner work and given me new tools to keep consistently engaged and reflecting daily. Traditional therapy has often left me with more questions than answers, but this course has proven to me that my healing is within and has been gently guiding me back to myself. I don’t have enough words to express my gratitude for Candace. She is incredibly bright, loving, kind, funny, and always genuine in discussions about deep and difficult things. She’s a straight shooter and has helped me consider old patterns in new and insightful ways. I am very grateful to have found her and followed my heart into her teachings. I am changed by this course and inspired to continue healing and evolving.

- S. Flynn

Working with Candance and her Emotional Rehab program has opened my eyes in ways I never thought possible. I’m the type of person who likes to get to the root cause of issues and this program, by far, does just that. Plus, she guides you on how to overcome it and supports you along the way. If you resonate with Candace and her videos, take your healing even further with this program. You won’t regret it. You’ll just want more.

- Christa B.

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This course includes 12 Lessons with guided meditations, inner child work and emotional freedom techniques.
Each module has video lessons, worksheets and writing assignments.

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More of What Past Students Have Shared…

Candace’s Emotional Rehab Course has been a life changing experience for me. The content is deep and broad and feels like a beautiful, substantial journey into self… With personal support directly from Candace — as well as from the beautiful souls on the same journey (which I found extremely powerful… as I was journeying to be truly “seen,” validated, and accepted just as I was – “perfection in process” in this safe container that Candace creates).

From the moment I discovered her work and began watching her videos, my life was forever changed. Just watching her YouTube channel… she was speaking TO ME… she was telling MY STORY — describing and recognizing my wounds in a way and at a depth that I had NEVER heard before. I have been on a difficult journey to heal from depression and anxiety – and the wounds that caused them, for 35 years. My soul immediately recognized the truth and the real healing that is possible through her teachings. Candace was explaining my pain and their causes at such a grounded and deep level. And not only does she understand these wounds, but she knows how to guide you to heal at the ROOT level. Over and over, I have seen her immediately identify where one’s personal power and self-love is leaking. She is then able to translate that into a potential new perspective of authentic self-empowerment, self-love and self-acceptance.

I have watched Candace on many group Zoom calls… she really sees, respects and opens up to each and every individual – no matter where they are, or who they are on their journey. She comes from a place of deep respect and compassion. Just being on a call and hearing her speak – shifts my energy instantly. Forever grateful to Candace, and plan to follow her journey as a true spiritual pioneer and leader.

- Kelly Siske

I have tried several healing modalities on and offline prior to joining the Emotional Rehab. While each gave some insights into my inner world that I was not aware before, I was still struggling to deal with my emotions when a certain situation showed up. I was tired of living on a high vigilance about when and where I might have unexpected emotional outbursts and needed to learn to deal with my feelings and emotions in a systematic and comprehensive way. I hoped that the Emotional Rehab would teach tools I needed to learn to live well.

The course provides not only beautifully simplified ways of acknowledging and embracing my emotions in a systematic way, but also opens a safe space to share our feelings and emotions as we go through each module. What distinguishes the Emotional Rehab from any other wellness and spiritual workshop/ courses is Candace herself. She is a compassionate healer who takes her time to get to know people in her tribe and provides guidance in a most loving way.

After joining the course, I have realized that what I needed most in my whole life was sincere emotional validations. The way she connects with people in her group is the way I always wanted to connect with myself and people around me. She demonstrates how to validate my own or other people’s emotions in a caring and loving way. I appreciated this very much because I did not know what it feels to be in an emotional healthy environment. I would highly recommend the Emotional Rehab if you are one of these people who have been working on yourself for some time, but could not quite find inner peace.

- Oyumaa Kennedy

Emotional Rehab is what everyone needs in their lives. A lot of information that can be found online might be misleading, especially if you come from unhealthy family dynamics or you are a highly sensitive person.

Candace made me understand that I don’t need things to be any different. Everything is happening for me, not to me. Her deep understanding of this life experience will help you heal your original wounds. You will see your real wounds for the first time and this is scary and painful, but very necessary to break your old patterns. She will teach you how to start loving yourself, regardless of anything or anyone. Having boundaries and validating your emotions instead of looking outside for approval will change your life.

In this group, you will find your tribe and you will feel that you belong. You will be understood and supported by others like you. I highly recommend this course.

- Sandra G.

I have learned more from 4 weeks of this course (so far) than I have for any class I have ever taken IN MY LIFE. Candace’s teachings are profound and get to the absolute deepest level of pain and healing. Further, Candace embodies her work and can relate to us since she has personally been on this journey and experienced so much herself. Her intuition is also like nothing I’ve ever seen before– she has such a gift for understanding complex emotional/relational dynamics and is able to explain them clearly in ways that resonate and stick with you for long after she speaks.

If you want to get to the root of your issues and are willing to put in the work to heal, this course is absolutely worth the investment MULTIPLE times over. I was wary of the cost at first, but it has been the best investment I’ve ever made, and I made it in myself! Candace sees us and validates us and truly wants us to be empowered. Her work makes me feel strong and alive and in tune with myself in ways I never even knew were possible. Excited to continue this journey!

- Emma Master

This course has been a huge support. A support that I have needed for a long time. The obvious show of change in who you are becomes very apparent one day and I am so grateful for Candace and this group. 💗

- Ally Thailing

I am so grateful for Candace and Emotional Rehab. It has completely change my life. Candace really cares about her community, and goes above and beyond delivering true transformative results. I finally feel like I’m stepping into my power, and healing deep ingrained belief systems that I never healed during years of therapy. It’s a unique blessing to be a part of this group, and I am forever grateful.

- Theresa G.

My Emotional Rehab journey was an adventure I hadn’t planned on and a perfect support. I hadn’t realized when I signed up for Emotional Rehab that we’d be entering a pandemic😉. As a nurse practitioner, I was soon busy day and night. During any time off, I slept. While I couldn’t participate in the online course, I gratefully showed up every week to our Facebook Live Q&A sessions with Candace. It was perfect: one hour, concentrated learning about myself and others who are going through similar challenges. There is also a Facebook page that gave me the opportunity to interact with others who are processing the very things I am.

You will quickly see, as I did, that you are not alone. Your hurts, feelings, worries, pains, hopes and needs are the same as the rest of us drawn here. I will have access to do the online course whenever I want and revisit any sections/exercises whenever I want. The Facebook Live Q&A sessions were so helpful.

Candace, having walked this healing road herself, offers insights and relief that you can apply in your mind and heart work in the week ahead. You’ll gain a lot of great insights in hearing what others are processing that week. Ultimately, she offers us mindset shifts, exercises, ways to process, forgive, think, soothe and process through things we’ve not made peace with inside. As a highly sensitive coach, she elicits raw and real questions from us and replies with applicable, relatable suggestions that get right to the heart of the matter. I found the Course, even as I unexpectedly wound up doing it, very helpful. It was exactly the right time for me to do the course and have this support.

If you are feeling called to try it, I highly recommend that you go for it. There’s not a chance you’ll regret it. And if life moves you off course onto another path, as it did me, you’ll get so much out of it by doing parts or pieces of it as it works for you. Healing, growing, evolving is a process. You’re in the right place if you’re with Candace.

- Anne B Weeks

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