A 12-Week Online Course

It is my belief that our emotional wounds and inner child wounds attract toxic relationship cycles UNTIL they are healed. Each module will be released each week with video lessons, worksheets and writing assignments.

This course also includes guided meditations, inner child work and emotional freedom techniques. By the end of the 12 weeks, you will have a whole new understanding of yourself and your relationships along with a new tool kit to use for life! Those patterns you can’t seem to break out of will no longer be your prison, but your gateway for transformation and emotional, physical, spiritual upgrades.

This course is for anyone who craves emotional intelligence. We weren’t taught this stuff in school and it is my honor and purpose to share with you what has completely TRANSFORMED my life, relationships and allowed me to live a life I am incredibly proud of. You may find yourself in a relationship pattern that seems to never end. You can’t keep yourself and feel connected to them at the same time. There may be push/pull dynamics or narcissistic abuse. Underneath all relationship dynamics whether it is with a parent, friend, partner or boss lies unresolved “emotional” issues that need to be addressed.

When we heal back to wholeness we stop attracting lessons and start aligning with grace and ease.

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